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Whidbey Audubon's chapter bylaws say, "Board meetings shall be open to any WAS member in good standing. . . ." A special board meeting is scheduled that was not anticipated when the Shorelines was sent out. That's the reason for this notification. The main topic to be discussed will be the nominating committee and vacant board positions. Another topic will be the the board position of Past President. The meeting will be held at 9:00 AM Thursday, February 11 at Fire Station 54, 3253 Day Road, Greenbank

Reporter's name: Toni Piazzon

Sighting Description: Orange crowned warbler is at my suet feeder again this year, feeding heavily. First noted him a few weeks ago. Pennington and Summit lp. in Coupeville. yes, a o.c.warbler.

Location: Pennington and Summit lp. in Coupeville.

Confirmation: orange crown warbler. May have a picture of him from last year. I'll try to get another.
(don't have time to report to WOS.

Date and time: last few weeks, Seen today, Fri 1/29/16. 8am...

Above comment submitted Jan 29, 2016

Reporter's name: Stephen Vernon

Sighting Description: I saw a Golden Eagle as I walked from the North beach to the West beach. I was close to the water along a rock outcropping. It banked right in front of me and continued on to a tree along the North beach.

Location: Deception Pass State Park

Date and time: January 18th, 3:30 PM

Above comment submitted Jan 22, 2016

Reporter's name: Ann Casey and Carol Plunkett

Sighting Description: We have a male Townsend's Warbler who has been visiting our suet feeder for the last few days. This is the first Townsend's Warbler we have seen in our yard at any time of the year, never mind winter. The WAS Birds of Whidbey birdlist, has this species occurring "Rare" in winter. I will try to get a photo of the bird.

Location: Mutiny Bay area of Freeland

Date and time: Monday, Jan. 11, 2016 3:30pm

Above comment submitted Jan 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Emma Ruggiero photo pic14525413181_zpsavtappna.jpg

Sighting Description: Intergrade male Northern Flicker seen this morning. Red malar stripe with gray face and throat. No red nape crescent. Distinctly yellow on the ventral side of the retrices. Id quality photo added to photobucket.

Location: Greenbank

Date and time: January 11, 2016 ~11am.

Above comment submitted Jan 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Steve Ellis

Sighting Description: Adult Northern Goshawk seen twice flying through the woods and then calling when perched. Also 5 Pileated Woodpeckers included in the total of 32 individual woodpeckers of 5 species seen/heard that day by our CBC team (Padilla Bay count).

Location: Along the service road at Cornet Bay, Hoypus Point area of Deception Pass State Park.

Date and time: 1/02 8:45am and again at 9:30

Above comment submitted Jan 4, 2016

Reporter's name: Heidi Farrington

Sighting Description: Tawny appearing heron, not sure if a juvenile great blue? I am sending a photo via photobucket ....

Location: Oak Harbor

Date and time: 9/5/2015, near sunset

Above comment submitted Jan 2, 2016

Nice photo. Yes, Heidi, it is a great blue heron. Sarah Schmidt, editor.

Reporter's name: Mary Hollen

Sighting Description: White Eurasian Collared Dove looking for a handout near suet feeder by salt water canal

Location: South end of East Canal, Lagoon Point, between Steelhead Drive and Shorewood near Salmon Street

Date and time: December 28, 2015 about noon

Above comment submitted Jan 2, 2016

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Birding In The Neighborhoods - Weekly Field Trips

South Whidbey
The trips are every other Thursday and the meeting time varies with the season. If you would like to be notified of the events, contact Phyllis Kind (email).

North Whidbey
The trips are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you wish to be notified of the events, contact Marcia Lazoff (email).

Thursday, February 11: Meeting
Birds of Crockett Lake
Presenter will be Ann Casey. Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 20103 State Route 525, Freeland. Doors open at 7 pm, meeting at 7:15, program at 7:30. Please bring a mug for coffee.

Saturday February 13: Field Trip
Crockett Lake
Come visit this Important Bird Area (IBA) and see some amazing birds-- ducks, seabirds, shorebirds, raptors are all likely! Meet at the Coupeville ferry parking area next to Fort Casey (Discover Pass required) at 9 am. Dress for the weather, bring a friend -- all are welcome! Ann Casey (email) 360-331-4679

Saturday, February 27: Field Trip
Winter Birds of Skagit Flats, Fir Island and Samish Flats
Typically there are great concentrations of waterfowl and raptors. The area is considered one of the top winter raptor viewing sites in the U.S. Some walking will be involved; be prepared for mud. Meet at 9 a.m.to carpool at Windjammer Park at the end of South Beeksma Drive in Oak Harbor. A Discover Pass will be needed for each car. Due to narrow road shoulders and limited parking, carpools are particularly important for this trip. Bring a lunch for this all-day field trip. Return about 4 p.m. Contact the trip leader, Joe Sheldon, by email or call 360-678-9060. Bad snow or ice cancels the trip.

Thursday, March 10: Meeting
Marbled Murrelet Survival Project
Presenter will be Kevin Schmelzlen, Murrelet Survival Project Campaign Coordinator. The marbled murrelet, a forest-nesting seabird endemic to the Pacific Northwest, is in severe decline throughout its historical range and especially in Washington. Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 20103 State Route 525, Freeland. Doors open at 7 pm, meeting at 7:15, program at 7:30. Please bring a mug for coffee.

Thursday, April 14: Meeting
Presenter will be Vickie Anderson. Coupeville Recreation Hall, 901 NW Alexander Street. Doors open at 7 pm, meeting at 7:15, program at 7:30. Please bring a mug for coffee.

Thursday, May 12: Meeting
Birds of Deception Pass
Presenter will be Jack Hartt. Coupeville Recreation Hall, 901 NW Alexander Street. Doors open at 7 pm, meeting at 7:15, program at 7:30. Please bring a mug for coffee.

Saturday, June 4: Special Event
Bird in Hand
Sharing the Whidbey Audubon Bird Specimen Library. Check back for more details or for possible changes.

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