Whidbey Audubon Society's Guide to 15 Special Spots

Whidbey Island Map

Whidbey Island lies in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. It is part of the San Juan archipelago of over 100 forested islands. Wildlife habitats include old growth and mature second growth Douglas fir forests, old orchards and open fields, fresh and salt-water wetlands, and miles of scenic coastline.

Species noted are representative and not a complete list. Gray whales and many of our birds are migrants and may be seen only part of the year. Field guides can help determine seasonal patterns. Complete island bird lists are available at local libraries and inns and Bed & Breakfasts.

H-habitat M-mammals B-birds

  1. Deception Pass State Park
    Off Hwy 20. Old growth forest, wetland, rocky/sandy shore, lakes, tide pools. Loons, grebes, murrelets, other waterfowl, eagles, kingfishers, warblers, swallows.

  2. Dugualla Bay & Lake
    From Hwy 20, E on Frostad Rd, N on Dike Rd. Sheltered bay, mud flats, brackish lake. Swans, dabbling ducks including canvasbacks, other waterfowl, wading birds.

  3. Swan Lake, Joseph Whidbey State Park
    From Hwy 20, W on Swantown Rd to West Beach Rd. Rocky/sandy beach, freshwater lake, cattail marsh. Eagles, harriers, wading birds, loons, grebes, sea ducks including harlequin ducks, dabbling ducks, oystercatchers, yellowthroats, marsh wrens.

  4. Fort Ebey State Park
    From Hwy 20, W on Libbey Rd, S on Hill Valley Road. Second growth forest, thickets, lake, high bluff, beach. Seabirds and waterfowl, kingfisher, crossbill, woodpeckers, other forest birds including nuthatch, creeper, kinglets.

  5. Kennedy Lagoon
    From Hwy 20, E on Madrona Way. Sheltered lagoon. Kingfishers, waterfowl including hooded mergansers, goldeneyes, bufflehead, scaup, scoters.

  6. Penn Cove, Coupeville Wharf
    From Hwy 20, N on Main St, W on Front St. Large saltwater cove. Kingfishers, herons, loons, goldeneyes, bufflehead, scaup, pigeon guillemots. Look for river otters, harbor seals, jellyfish, sea stars.

  7. Ebey's Landing
    From Hwy 20, SW on Ebey Rd. High and low bluff, beach, farm fields, hiking trail. Loons grebes, waterfowl, meadowlarks, blackbirds, raptors.

  8. Fort Casey
    From Hwy 20, S on Main St, becoming Engle Rd. Rocky beach, forest. Loons, grebes, auklets, guillemots, mergansers, gulls, great horned owls, passerines including chickadees, nuthatches, creepers, winter wrens, warblers.

  9. Crockett Lake
    Adjacent to Fort Casey (see #8). Brackish lake, large sandy spit, open bay. Lakeside: abundant wading birds, waterfowl, eagles, harriers, peregrine falcons, other raptors. On spit: swallows, savannah sparrows. Open bay: auklets, cormorants, guillemots.

  10. Port Townsend Ferry
    Adjacent to Fort Casey (see above). Take a break and walk aboard the ferry for 30 minutes each way on the water. Cormorants, loons, grebes, gulls, guillemots, murrelets. Watch for sea lions and harbor seals.

  11. Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship
    From Hwy 20 S of Coupeville, N on Parker Rd. Open prairie and fringing woods. White crowned and savannah sparrows, swallows, harriers, kestrels, eagles, woodpeckers, occasional western bluebirds.

  12. Greenbank Farm
    From Hwy 525, E on Wonn Rd. Open grassland, cattail marsh, farm pond, viewing platform. Harriers, eagles, red tailed hawks, yellowthroats, marsh wrens, red winged blackbirds, swallows, herons, waterfowl.

  13. South Whidbey State Park
    From Hwy 525, W on Smugglers Cove Rd. Old growth forest, beach. Osprey, varied thrush, woodpeckers, swallows, passerines including nuthatches, creepers, winter wrens.

  14. Lone Lake
    From Hwy 525, N on Bayview Rd, then W on Andreason Rd, then S on Lone Lake Rd. Lake, woodlot, thickets. Stellers jay, bushtit, quail, waterfowl including mergansers, shovelers, scaup, bufflehead.

  15. Langley City Beach and Marina
    Beach access off First St, and Marina at E end of Wharf St. Saltwater, thickets. Loons, grebes, cormorants, eagles, waterfowl including mergansers, scoters. Look for harbor seals, gray whales in spring. Sea stars, jellyfish visible from marina pier.

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