Report Form for Unusual Sightings on Whidbey Island

Here are the guidelines for posting:

Sightings should be on Whidbey Island or relate in some way to Whidbey Audubon. Reports should refer to birds or other wildlife that are not commonly seen here. Alternatively, they may refer to migratory birds that arrive outside their normal seasons.

Reports of especially interesting sightings in nearby areas are welcome. Greater selectivity is needed to keep the email volume reasonable, so editors will exercise judgment on whether the rarity, proximity, and significance of sightings merit inclusion.

These guidelines reflect the interests local birders have. Please respect the essentially scientific nature of the Sightings feature. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thanks for reporting this unusual bird sighting. Besides helping to keep track of local bird activity, this information also helps birders observe birds (and other wildlife) seen on the island less often.

Whidbey Audubon protects your contact information -- check out our web privacy policy. Put your email address in the box shown below, or your phone number if that's more convenient. That will enable members designated by the Chapter President to contact you if more information is needed.

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If you are able to photograph the bird, we can post the picture with the sighting description. Please send the photo using the Photo Input form. On that form, refer back to this sighting in the comments text box.

Rare Bird Sightings
Sightings of rare birds get special handling because Audubon has special interests in them. First check out Whidbey Audubon's birdlist to make sure the bird is rare here and mention it in your description. If you're able to photograph it, please send in the photo as described in the paragraph just above this one. If an experienced birder can confirm the sighting, please mention that, using this box:

Also, please report this rare sighting to the Washington Ornithological Society.

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